Our References

Since alaNEO provides engineering & consulting services in the field of automotive and aerospace. Many clients have stayed with us since our early days.

Here is a list of our references:

Our Reference Projects

Program Management All Wheel Drive (GM)

Central Driver Assistance System (Audi)

Flight Control (Diehl Aerospace/Airbus A350)

Mechanical Construction (Airbus A350, 400M, Boeing B787)

Electric Fans (VW)

Keyless Entry & Go (Mazda)

Lane Detection System (BMW, Volvo)

Airbag System (GM/Opel, Fiat)

Transmission Control Module (Audi, Maserati)

Front Electronic Module, Light Control Unit (BMW)

Auxiliary Heating (Daimler, JLR, Volvo, Ford, Evobus)

Top Column Module (Volkswagen)