Our tailor-made solution: alaNEO-Better-Cost-Concept (aBCC)

In today's competitive market in order to achieve the best results, beside the product optimization, companies need to cut their development costs. By implementing of our advantageous Better-Cost-Concept solution, our customers are able to reach these targets, profiting from the cost advantages of Turkey being a BCC country and it's geographical proximity, as well as from the following factors:

  • By mixed calculation a cost reduction of over 50%
  • alaNEO is located in Germany as a Single Point of Contract
  • Our engineers and project managers, we provide to your R&D projects, have very good knowledge of German language and have professional experience in Germany.
In what period of time can we build your desired engineers?

  • In Phase 1, the focus is on the transfer of expertise here we would pass to our experts the necessary custom expertise (requirements, system, process models, methods, tools) to acquire and transfer the projects to edit. At the same time we are preparing the premises in our company according to the requirements before.
  • In Phase 2, we are able to edit all projects off-site in Aschaffenburg. Our Resident Engineers are on customers' site. We can respond to project-specific issues in the short term.
  • Phase 3 is the phase of development and perfecting of these benefits. This is done by stepping in turn projects and experts training, required on our part.
  • In Phase 4, we can shift moreactivities in our office in Turkey, after consultation with customers. This brings to the above-mentioned advantages, further cost savings.
The initial situation:
The service quality is not satisfactory in the traditional best-cost countries and poses so great disadvantages. Due to the lack of quality in the cooperation with BCCs only at first sight is more favorable.


Attractive opportunities through a strong and flexible partner
  • Strong reference
  • Long-term cooperation with DA
  • Attractive conditions
  • Skilled employees
  • Test agent extension possible at our site
  • More possibility of outsourcing to Turkey (aBC-concept)

Our customized solution for you: The aBC-concept
The aBC-concept offers the cost benefits of BCCs in connection with professionally qualified contacts at your site. You have only one contractor (Single Point of Contract): alaNEO technologies GmbH.

The starting point:
Quality of service in the traditional best-cost countries is not satisfying and carries so great disadvantages. This makes working with BCCs usually only at first sight more favorable.
We bring together the German quality awareness with the cost structures of BCC.

Why travel far if the solution is be so close yet?
Our headquarters and largest facility located in Aschaffenburg, in addition we have another location in Stuttgart and Istanbul (Turkey) for offsite projects.

Through our office in Aschaffenburg we are spatially very central to your locations in southern Germany. The distance is only about 200km. In addition, we are able to expand in the short term if demand our sales offices in technical offices to be closer to your offices and intensify the cooperation.